• What if we are immortal, invincible Souls, temporarily wearing human body costumes
  • that enable us to be visible in the Physical World?
  • What if, as souls, we write scripts for specific locations within specific time frames?
  • and specific ensemble casts that will help us fulfill our Life Purpose?
  • What if we've done it so often and for so long, we have forgotten that we are Immortal Souls?
  • Now, we believe we're only the human costumes.
  • Are you ready to realign with your Divine Self?
  • Are you ready to discover your purpose for living on Earth's stage now?
  • Welcome to Drama Queen Workshops: Consciously aligning Self with Soul

Unmask Your Immense Power as Soul

Bye bye, 24/7 Drama
Ugh! Those "Why, God, why?" moments: Layoffs, disappointments, betrayals. You name it. Our 24/7 Drama workshops give you the tools to transform the energy that attracts those experiences—from the soul, out.
See ya, Relationship Drama
You were over the moon; now it's just OVER. And here you are, nursing your broken heart. Again. What happened —and why? Our Relationship Drama workshops can help drop the curtain on those painful encore performances.
Hello, Online Workshops!
You've asked for them; now they're here: Workshops at your place! No matter where you are, you can sit in the Balcony of Life, see what's really going on behind the scenes and respond powerfully. Reserve your seat today.