“Happy Holidays” Heresy

Loud Mouth here, fresh from reading a news story about religious protestors who object to stores secularizing Christmas by using the term “Happy Holidays”…

  • As if, for the first three centuries of Christianity, Christmas was celebrated at all. Only pagans celebrated the birthdays of their deities and many Christians opposed all efforts to relegate Jesus’ memory to a pagan ritual.
  • As if Christmas Day was really the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth. All learned Christians know that December 25th is the day the Romans celebrated the birthday of the pagan sun god, Mithrus, centuries before religious leaders chose it as the day Jesus’ birth would be celebrated.
  • As if the ancients who were trying to convert Jews and Gentiles to Christianity didn’t designate December 25 as Jesus’ birthday so that converts wouldn’t feel left out of the major pagan holiday season.
  • As if Jesus was a Christian. He was born a Jew and died with the moniker “King of the Jews”.
  • As if 21st century Jews don’t celebrate a holiday during the month of December.
  • As if Christianity itself wasn’t a sect of the Jewish faith. At minimum, we Christians should honor our roots.
  • As if Jesus would support disrespecting anyone’s holidays (holy days, for those who oppose secularization)–especially those who share his religious heritage.
  • As if it is Christ-like to coerce anyone to do what you want them to do.
  • As if stores are churches. It’s difficult enough separating church from state. Now we’ve got to separate it from the mall?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in memory of the most influential, loving, healing, and forgiving Jew who ever lived, we could “follow” him and act Christ-like–if only for the holidays? Yes, I said it: HOLIDAYS!