O X Y MORONS, You’re Killing Me!

Why is that whenever you buy a new car, suddenly you notice more cars on the road that are the same make and model? After writing about X and Y chromosomes, more news reports about them are catching my eye.

One of my favorites was truly a breaking news story: scientists have linked X and Y chromosomes to the REAL reason women and men think so differently. (Duh.) On the heels of that revelation, I spotted globetrotting journalist Kevin Sites’ insightful article on mud pie-eating Haitians—and the nutritional value (not) of Haitian dirt.

The combination of the two articles made the Loud Mouth ponder the dual mysteries of mud and men. You, too? Or am I the only one who’s ever wondered…

  • Why original man was created twice: first out of dirt, then minutes later, out of clay?
  • When you breathe into dirt (or clay, for that matter), what happens?
  • Does dirt have ribs?
  • Or lips and a larynx?
  • So, can dirt ask for a companion or talk to snakes?
  • Have you ever tried to tempt dirt?
  • Do you expect to give dirt directions, and it will follow?
  • Is dirt smart enough to know right from wrong?
  • Which chromosomes can be found in dirt: XX, XY, or Uh Oh?

Is it just the Loud Mouth, or have you also wondered whether a certain bestseller is accurate history—or something much more significant? And what are we missing by interpreting it literally?