Are We Digesting Conflicted Fruit?

Today we celebrate the greatest lesson demonstrated by perhaps the greatest teacher the world has ever known, a Jew named Yeshua. What he demonstrated more than 2,000 years ago was that there is no death.
He reportedly revealed that even though the physical bodies we wear are lifeless and entombed, we are not dead. We are immortal spirit, made in the likeness and image of our Father. We are not physical bodies. What we learned from his demonstration is dramatically different.

Yeshua, whose name was mistranslated as Jesus, was a powerful teacher who was committed to sharing the Truth as it had been revealed to him. Through parables and folksy stories, he spread the word about an unconditionally loving and eternally forgiving God. It was a soul-stirring, joyful message that resonated in hearts wherever he went. But as the Bible relates, some of the questions his followers asked reveal that they were also confused by his message.

Like Yeshua, his followers had been reared in the Jewish tradition. Many had committed Jewish law to memory and were expected to live by the letter of that law. So, despite their acceptance of Yeshua’s dramatically different perception of what God is and what God does, his followers didn’t completely replace their old beliefs. Instead, they planted Yeshua’s empowering and revolutionary teachings on top of the lessons they’d learned as children. We’ve been harvesting conflicted fruit ever since.

For example, Yeshua believed that God not only is absolute (unchanging), he believed that God loves us unwaveringly and forgives us unconditionally. In his Prodigal Son parable, he portrayed God as a Father who will welcome us Home with open arms, no matter what we’ve done.

By contrast, the religious tradition of Yeshua’s family portrayed God as a violent, angry Supreme Being who demanded us to slaughter an innocent creature to atone for our errors. Today, such live sacrifices are considered barbaric and acts that are frequently associated with satanic rituals.

It begs the question: Have we digested conflicted fruit? Or do we truly share Yeshua’s belief that:
1. God is always the same and has never changed;
2. God has always been unconditionally loving and forgiving;
3. God doesn’t heinously punish an innocent for another’s wrongdoing?

One thought on “Are We Digesting Conflicted Fruit?

  1. Anje Shein

    Dear Pat, In ‘karmic terms’ the God figure bears different names in the varius religions. I do think that regardless of their teachings, which differ from each other, a universal acknowledgement of “The Greater Force/Creator/you-choose-a-name” exists. If only all human beings could be united under THAT aspect and then work to create their own elevation to whatever level individually capable, be it by following commandments of humanity and decency and/or accepting the teaching that we have power of thought. How many people do actually give attention to the fact, that thoughts are able to transmit energy? Not a momentary or ‘calculated’ thought, but deep, meditative thought that actually shape behavior patterns. I agree with you that “The Secret” as presently published is not suitable for the uninitiated. The bigger picture is missing. . . . . I am woefully behind with everything, leaving for Ashville, NC to finally visit Son # 1 and pregnant wife. As a ‘supposedly retired person’ I never have enough time to contemplate my navel, but then I enjoy too many activities in the outdoors, which keep me healthy and the body in shape. At MY AGE that is importnt, too. Thanks for staying in touch and I am generally in agreement with you. You put things into concise form right to the point. // I am sorry to not have the time to read everything right down to when there is no more. Tomorrow starts a harroing week of ‘must-do-stuff’. I’ll save it for later….. Good night from Anje

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