Is Your Consciousness Ascending?

As I watched the sunrise this Easter morning, a question popped into my mind. Perhaps you have asked yourself the same thing, but were afraid to ask it of anyone else. It’s not a simple question, and maybe you’re not ready for it; but the Loud Mouth is here to help if you get stuck. Read it slowly and repeatedly, if necessary:

Can we accurately call ourselves Christians if we believe in and try to practice the powerful teachings of Jesus, but we don’t believe that God allowed Jesus to be brutally tortured and murdered three short years into his ministry, in lieu of satanically brutalizing the rest of us throughout all eternity? 

What say you: Yes or No?

6 thoughts on “Is Your Consciousness Ascending?

  1. Janet

    This is so powerful! Alone here in this city without family, I am not celebrating the holiday with a huge dinner at a family gathering. I did not even go to church to worship. Growing up, it was taboo to don your Easter bonnet and attend Easter service when you were not steadfastly showing up during the year. If you broke this taboo, you were considered an empty sham.

    Over the years, after my son grew up, I began to attend the sunrise service on Easter where the bonnet and new outfit were not customary attire.

    Living here for the last three years, I have visited several churches to no avail. I have not found a church home. Yet, I have blossomed more spiritually full as I pray God’s will be done. Jesus’ teaching are profound and powerful. So, also, are the teachings of Confucius, Buddha, and Allah. I continue to strive to “Stay in the Light” and I am not familiar with a wrathful God.

    Thank you for your thought-provoking question. And, Happy Easter, for what it is worth.

    Yours in Faith,

  2. Bobby

    Yes. Because it makes perfect sense. We that practice the powerful teachings of Jesus are brutally tortured at every turn. Oh well!!

  3. loudmouthinthebalcony

    Thank you so much, Janet, for your insight and your Easter wishes. Know that the doors of this church are open to you always.

    Much love,
    The Loud Mouth

  4. Rev. Jackie

    Yes….Jesus made some choices in that biblical story, not God. The point of the scripture is not to hold the facts as an accurate telling of history; but much like myths, fairy tales and other types of literature, scripture offers us insight about living by enabling us to understand some foundational principles that will enable us to live as the phenomenal beings that we are. So with the story of Jesus, especially the story that is traditionally called the passion story. When read metaphysically, it enables me to understand my potential to move beyond the facts of such misery and rise into the greatness that I am. Happy Easter! sending and receiving love, Rev. Jackie

  5. I like Rev. Jackie’s comment. It reminds me that one the greatest gifts that we as human beings have is the gift of choice. How would God be God if we didn’t choose? There are universal truths no matter what religion, and I believe choice is one. So Jesus had a radical message. He choose to spread his message of helping the poor and speaking out against unfair laws and practices that oppressed… and those in disagreement with Jesus choose to kill him.
    I am learning to make better choices in my life and I am grateful to Jesus, his life and the resurrection for it.
    God Bless!
    Pepper Miller

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