What would you do if you discovered credible evidence that your life does not end when your body dies? And, what if it was dramatically demonstrated to you that each of us has a spiritual history that preceded our experience in our current bodies? If you’re like veteran TV journalist Patricia Arnold, you probably would be compelled to write about it.

As a TV reporter and producer, the four-time Emmy nominee worked in newsrooms in Minneapolis, Dallas and her hometown, Chicago. Pat’s discovery of her own spiritual history—particularly evidence of some Golden Rule-defying things she’d done—helped her to understand why certain situations were occurring in present time. It also prompted her to have a deeper understanding of karma’s connection to the eternal soul.

The spiritual lessons she learned during what she calls her “spiritual sleuthing expeditions” resulted in Pat’s alternately amusing and genuinely profound mystical memoir, EARTH Is the MOTHER of All Drama Queens: Unmasking the Truth Behind Our Life Stories (2005) and later, Crossing an Unseen Bridge: The Law of Attraction Secrets No One Wants to Talk About (2008).

The urging of a dear friend who felt that she should teach what she had learned returned Pat to her original profession as classroom teacher and gave birth to the Drama Queen Workshops.™ The interactive workshops are designed to be a playful way for Seekers to know more about themselves as divine beings and heal their lives, from the soul out. Since 2005, Pat has conducted DQWorkshops around the country as private events and fundraisers for church groups, book clubs and small groups of Seekers.

A trained clairvoyant who is called a mystic by many, Pat describes herself simply as a “spiritual sleuth.” She happily answers whenever anyone calls her by her blogging moniker: the Loud Mouth in the Balcony.

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