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Law of Attraction not working
as you visualized?

The Law of Attraction works—but not the commercialized version of it. Ask everyone who has tried to leverage the Law of Attraction to create the life of their dreams. It worked for some, but not for most. If the Law of Gravity worked that way, 90% of us would be floating in mid-air.

Most of the Law of Attraction’s so-called secrets focus on doing rather than being and acting rather than understanding. Consider the possibility that actions are the very last phase of the process—and that there are Law of Attraction secrets that you need to know that no one really wants to tell you.

Are you ready to create more powerfully? Go with investigative journalist and spiritual sleuth Pat Arnold across the unseen bridge. It’s an eye-opener.  Discover it now!

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The Book that Started It All!

Earth is the Mother of All Drama Queens cover

Veteran TV journalist and “spiritual sleuth” Pat Arnold traces her journey from skeptic to mystic with startling clarity and humorous insight. Her whimsical narrative makes this daring adventure behind the curtain of the physical world into her own spiritual history. Through her own transparency, readers discover that this is their life story, merely acted out on Pat’s stage.

It’s a truly joyful experience! Even those who believe that Life begins and ends in a physical body will gradually see themselves in a more powerful and Eternal Light. Learn more about yourself!

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