Crossing an Unseen Bridge: The Law of Attraction Secrets No One Wants to Talk About

In the inimitable writing style of her Internet persona, the “Loud Mouth in the Balcony,” veteran TV journalist Patricia Arnold explains complex spiritual principles in language that anyone can understand. In Crossing an Unseen Bridge, Pat questions whether we’ve been told the entire secret about the spiritual Law of Attraction. In fact, she concludes, the most useful information has been left out of this discussion: the role that our self-identity, beliefs and the behaviors influenced by our beliefs play in attracting things and people into our lives.

This is a must-read before investing time and money into any of today’s popular Law of Attraction tactics. Discover the Law’s real power, so that you can:

  • Consistently get what you consciously desire, instead of what you unconsciously deserve
  • Respect the variables dictating the Law’s response
  • Stop the domino effect of these interconnected variables
  • Recognize the counterproductive habits that distance you from your desired outcomes

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