Life Is So Simple, It’s Actually Funny

Review of Earth Is the Mother of All Drama Queens


Who knew Enlightenment could be so Entertaining?

Enjoy the provocative and whimsical spiritual memoir that helps so many readers begin to heal by watching their own dramas unfold on Pat Arnold’s stage: financial problems, deaths, relationship and work issues.

“Pat Arnold forces readers to step out of the boxes of conventional thinking and gaze at new possibilities. She breaks molds, creates visions and dares to dream. I encourage you to go behind the curtain with her, and view life from another perspective.”

Bishop John Shelby Spong, NY Times bestselling author
A New Christianity for a New World

“Pat Arnold is a deep thinker who is unafraid to explore and explode cherished icons. In a world of so much drama, Arnold offers hope by separating mythology from spirituality. This is a book for those who are willing to question everything that they have been taught!”

Keith Boykin, political commentator
NY Times Bestselling Author
Respecting the Soul

What Other Readers Say:
“As someone struggling with the recent loss of several close family friends, including my bride of 40 years, I found comfort in reading this moving story. I could not put this down until I read it, cover to cover. I wanted to thank the author for allowing me into her life and for making mine just a little bit better. I have read it several times since. I recommend it as a soothing, comforting reflection of life’s struggles and how we are not alone in our journey.”
Jerry M., Chicago

“It’s not just enjoyable reading, but also very insightful and comforting. Really, it is like a balm to my blistering spirit.”
Judith M., Cleveland

“This book is going to change a lot of lives.”
Dr. George J., Los Angeles

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