Four powerful lessons have emerged as DQW’s guiding principles. They are lessons for and about the immortal soul: You. These spiritual takeaways were given to me after I wrote the last chapter of my memoir, EARTH Is the MOTHER of All Drama Queens.

Throughout the process, I’d had no roadmap. I had even given the book a different title, until a beloved friend read the first words of my preface and exclaimed, “THAT’s your title: Earth is the mother of all drama queens!” And so it was. Thank you, God.

Most of the time, I did not know the direction my memoir was going. I was just as clueless about the relevance of the selected scenes from my life that suddenly flashed onto my computer monitor. I just captured it as quickly as I could.

Since Spirit had so ably guided me through the authorship adventure and had plucked the most pertinent scenes for the memoir, I was sure that it knew that I could ask one more important question: What were the book’s most potent and enduring lessons, the ones that had evolutionary value?

It wasn’t long before I received this profound answer:

Life is ALWAYS fair;
God is NEVER far;
Death is not THE END;

Absolutely NOTHING is unforgivable.

After another beloved friend suggested workshops—a suggestion I initially rejected, by the way—I realized that these lessons weren’t exclusively for me. They should be shared so that one of my major purposes for being here can be fulfilled. And so it is.

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