What Should the “Loud Mouth” Wear to the Grammy Awards?

Every parent knows how giddy we get when our kids do well. My over-achiever potty-trained herself, was “top of the class” smart in school, graduated from a prestigious college and became a successful Ford model. Now my singing/songwriting baby girl has captured a Grammy nod.

Maiysha’s middle name, Kai, means “lovable” in Swahili. What I love most about her is that this wunderkind is as sweet an unaffected by her talent, looks and brains as the day is long: a beautiful person as well as a beautiful woman. (Thank you, God!)

Maiysha started singing when she was two. It stunned her Dad and me back then that she actually sang on-key. On my birthday this year, her debut album, “This Much Is True,” was released. Earlier this week, her debut single from that album, “Wanna Be,” was nominated for a Grammy.

This is not hip-hop; it’s music that appeals to all demographic groups. I invite you to enjoy it absolutely free and with no obligation: Visit her website, http://www.maiysha.com/. And watch the performance videos. (Personally, I think the “Wanna Be” music video should have been nominated, too. You’ll see.)

I hadn’t thought about what I should wear to the awards show until so many of my friends asked. Frankly, I thought my indelible Cheshire cat grin would suffice.