Your Soul Purpose Is Scripted in Your Life’s Dramas

Have you ever noticed that you can see every bit of the stage when you’re sitting in the balcony of a theater? From that vantage point, you can see warnings, solutions and plot twists that the actors can’t—at least, they’re acting as if they don’t.

On the stage, an actor’s behavior might be a mystery to other members of the cast. But from where you’re sitting in your cushy balcony seat, it all makes sense.

What if you were able to see Life’s dramas—and your own—from a higher, broader perspective? What if Life’s big mysteries could transform into “Aha!” moments? You’d be surprised by the mysteries that unfold during an interactive Drama Queen Workshop.

Each workshop is unique. But, the outcome is generally the same: Whether on the workshop stage or in the audience, most participants experience an awakening.

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