Writing my memoir, EARTH Is the MOTHER of All Drama Queens, was magical. Reading it was utterly surreal.

Every morning for nearly a year, I sat at my computer and rested my fingers on the keyboard. As they began to move, a scene would unfold, and then another and another. Sometimes, I’d still be at my desk into the wee hours of the night. Just as often, I’d be awaken in the middle of the night and pages of new material would flow. It got so bad that I placed my laptop nearby so I wouldn’t have to leave my bed.

I had no outline and only one goal: to trace my spiritual path and share the lessons I’d learned along the way. It was always a surprise to see where I’d been—and, more important, why I’d been sent.

Reading the work at the end of each day, I discovered long forgotten details and people. But what was more surprising is that it read as if my life had been scripted. The scenes were not only tightly woven and deeply connected to each other, they flowed like a compelling novel. Yet, readers affirm that it’s not fiction every time they tell me, “You wrote MY life story!”

The greatest eye-opener was that reading my dramas with detachment enabled me to see that even my craziest and most painful scenes not only made sense, they were designed to serve an evolutionary purpose. They accelerated my spiritual growth and deepened my understanding of and relationship with God.

Now, whenever I encounter adversity or unkindness, I ask: “Why did I, as an immortal soul, create this unpleasant experience, and how does it serve my spiritual growth?” I ask something similar whenever I encounter other souls who treat me in ways that they would not want to be treated: “Why did I call this hurtful person onto my path? How is(s)he serving me? What did (s)he come to teach me? How will I grow through this lesson?”

I’ve been quite transparent when sharing my dramas in EARTH Is the Mother of All Drama Queens because ultimately, I want you to have a better understanding of your own. And I want you to be able to clearly see the tremendous healing each drama was designed to bestow upon you.

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