Like this space, my books are for awakening souls: those who are ready to acknowledge and embrace the unconditionally loving God that lives within them.

My spiritual memoir, EARTH Is the MOTHER of All Drama Queens paves the way for a close, loving relationship with God. It is impossible to be close to anyone who is always angry, solves problems through genocide and sadistic crucifixion, and threatens cruel, unusual and unending punishment that exceeds any crime.

That God is not Love. But each of us has been granted free will to worship whomever we desire—even someone who acts like a demon. We merely need to know we have a choice.

The subtitle of Crossing an Unseen Bridge: “Law of Attraction Secrets No One Wants to Talk About,” captures the essence of this book. It explores the other end of the spectrum: Those who see God as their celestial concierge, on hand to do their will. Denying the existence of surprises and disappointments, these believers insist that they can leverage the spiritual law of attraction to manifest their every desire.

Both books view Life through the lens of common sense spirituality, and offer readers an opportunity to embrace others’ beliefs without the slightest thought or to develop beliefs of their own.

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