If God cares…

If God cares…

Is it about the mistakes you make—or the lessons you learned?

Is it about how well you study a man-made book—or how committed you are to the Truth embedded in your spirit?

Is it about fulfilling the prayers from your mouth—or the wish list of your eternal soul?

Is it about whether your body is cloaked—or the love with which you cloak others?

Is it about the place you live—or the soul in which The Divine Spirit lives?

Is it whether you pass an exam, win a game or get a job—or that you fulfill the purpose for which your soul came to Earth?

Is it about your physical attraction to someone of the same or opposite sex—or your intimacy with the divine part of you?

Is it about your religion—the rules, regulations, readings, rituals, restrictions and ramifications that reflect what humans believe about God—or your direct, unfiltered, interactive relationship with The Divine?

Is it about punishing your enemies—or forgiving your desire to punish them?

Is it about whether you have physical companionship—or that you are fully aware that you are, were and never will be alone?

If God cares, is it about the same things you care about?