How will the power of this “11” year impact your life?

It’s 2018, a powerful “11” year to numerology buffs. And I have some definite plans for how I am going to leverage this power.

For those unfamiliar with numerology, Wikipedia defines it as “a belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.”

For starters, numerology reduces any number with two or more digits to a meaningful single digit: For example, 937 first shrinks to 19 (9+3+7=19), then again to 10 (1+9=10), and finally becomes 1 (1+0=1).

But 11 is a “master number,” which means it cannot be reduced to 2 (1+1=2). Ditto for the 22 and 33. Numerologists disagree whether all same-digit twins, such as 44, 55, etc. are also master numbers. I am functionally illiterate on the topic, so I can’t take sides. But I do know this:

For several centuries, “11” years were rare. In the 1700s, for example, 1703 1712, 1721, and 1730 were the only four years that qualified; in the 1800s, there were three: 1802, 1811 and 1820. The following century, there were only two: 1901 and 1910.

The 21st Century has a wealth of “11” years

This century is different. Every nine years will have the power of 11. The first was 2009. Was it mystical? Well, that was the year medical researchers announced effective new AIDS and H1N1 vaccines. The Nook, Motorola Droid and the (only $200) iPhone 3GS entered the marketplace. And researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory figured out how to levitate mice, which clearly is mystical, but in a very “Why, God, why?” way.

More pertinent to awakening souls, claims that the number 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of spiritual perception. It claims that the energy of “11” has the symbolic power to link the mortal with the immortal, man with spirit, darkness with light, ignorance and with enlightenment.

Let our levitation begin, mice and men. What will you do with this power? For me, 2018 will be the year that I stop trying to awaken others by screaming to the high heavens, “For God’s sake, open your eyes!”


My “11”-powered resolutions

Starting this year, the Loud Mouth is turning down the volume. I resolve to give others the loving allowance to look for their god millions of miles away. It annoys them when I remind them that Jesus said the kingdom God is within, anyway.

When they warn me that I must be saved from God’s sentence of eternal torment, I will squelch the urge to point out that only a demon would do that. When they insist that Jesus died for their sins, I won’t ask why they are so delighted and grateful that an innocent man was brutally tortured to death for something they did.

When they say that God wants us to be rich, I won’t ask why we are not. When they say my thoughts control my outcomes, I won’t remind them that the words “disappointment” and “surprise” exist in our vocabulary.

Nope, not this year. I will be more disciplined and more silent. After all, the energy of the “11” year has more power than I to link the mortal with the immortal, man with Spirit, darkness with light, and ignorance with enlightenment. I will step back and get out of its way.

If they want to pile blankets on top of the bushel they’ve placed atop the Christ Light within them, I will turn and leave the scene. I will restrict spiritual conversations to spiritual people. I have been out of my lane, trying to save others from themselves.

Does worshiping a fearsome God heal or harm a soul?

Horror movies have always been popular because a large segment of the human race loves to be frightened by monsters and monstrous people. I don’t like them. Never did. But I don’t stand outside movie theaters flagging people away. I shouldn’t stop anyone who wants to worship a violent, vengeful God who has threatened non-stop torment, either. They have a right to enter that theater of thought—and to stay there, if they desire.

This year, I am going to make a concerted effort to allow the power of “11” to be the wind at my back. It will unquestionably require great fortitude; but I can do this. I will do this.

I will let Spirit direct me into the company of those who worship a god who really is good all the time, individuals who prefer a fearsome, genocidal, sadistic Bogeyman who does things Love would not do. Besides, I prefer not to be in the company of those falsely accuse God of being inhumane, unforgiving and heinously filicidal.

There will always be those who have eyes and cannot see, ears but cannot hear. In their own time—and more important, in their own way—they not only will find God and their own divine nature. They will eventually discover that all things material have no eternal life, and they will seek growth through every apparent lack or need

How will the power of this “11” year impact your life? Know that I honor your choices, even if I don’t always agree with them.

Love you much!