Discovering your unique soul purpose

Before Thursday’s launch of the “Discovering Your Unique Soul Purpose” webinar series, I’d like to share some thoughts…

I am really humbled that Spirit has entrusted me with this topic to launch the online version of the Drama Queen Workshops. This one is not for the masses. It will only appeal to a distinct group: Those who are ready to start consciously reconnecting with the Divine within them. I’m very excited about the growth journey we’ll be taking together.

This series requires a desire to think bigger and a determination to dig deeper. These are folks who are at the stage in their evolutionary development in which they are demanding answers to the question: “Is this it? Is this all there is to Life?”

Is that all there is? Please help.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Sound the Universal bells. Someone is ready to become a Seeker. Someone is ready to more deeply understand Life, in general, and one person’s life experience, in particular.

One of Life’s Greatest Gifts: Adversity

Typically, we begin to question Life and its meaning when we’re encountering some type of adversity. That’s why I believe that it is such a beautiful thing.

If you have plenty of discretionary income, no debt, the family is healthy, the job is rewarding, the late model car isn’t a lemon, the significant other is faithful, reliable and “cooks” in every room, friends and co-workers aren’t stabbing you in the back, disappointments don’t visit you and every surprise makes you squeal with delight, Life doesn’t need meaning. If Life means anything, it means that you’re supposed to have a grand ol’ time on Planet Earth. Well, good for you and your perfect Life.

No one would be motivated to look deep when everything on the surface legitimately deserves their rapt attention. Chances are you are not living that drama-free life.

What’s really behind all your drama?

Like me, you’ve hit some bumps, and you probably responded to the adversity the way most do: “That’s life. Life’s unfair. Life’s hard. Life’s complicated.”

What if Life isn’t any of those things? What if Life is more than the human eye can see? What if we are more than we can see? What if coming to Earth is an extreme sport for the strongest of souls. What if we came here to looking for even greater challenges (read: drama) to help us grow even stronger?

One of the challenges I established for myself was to resume piano lessons as an adult. Frustrated with my lack of progress after a few years, my piano teacher kindly reminded me that I couldn’t make my fingers stronger by lifting cotton balls. In other words: I needed to do my exercises.

barbellsWhether it’s finger or whole body fitness, exercises generally aren’t fun and they’re very targeted. Everyone doesn’t have the same shape or the same problem areas, so we don’t have the same workout.

Ditto for adversity: Every human faces it, but not the same kind and not to the same degree. Being unable to pay rent on time is an adversity, but is not the same as living under blankets in the doorway of a store. The opportunity to learn and grow through adversity is priceless.

It’s very evident that every soul didn’t come to this planet to have a cushy life. They saw some benefit in a more bare-bones experience. If you have all eternity to live, why not experience it all?

When we understand that all experiences serve the soul, no matter how uncomfortable they are to our mortal body costumes, we begin to clearly see the answer to the anguished cry, ” Why, God, why?”

Why did I create this? How does it serve me?

For souls who are awaking to their divine nature, the most healing questions focus on the benefit of any adverse experience: Why do we create and attract adverse experiences and bad actors—sometimes repeatedly? What’s the specific benefit of these experiences? What were we trying to achieve, as soul? If we don’t know, we’ll keep repeating the experiences until the body grasps the lesson that the soul intended. We’ll be exploring some tools to graduate you from Life’s classrooms more expeditiously throughout the “Discovering Your Unique Soul Purpose” webinar series.

For those who have registered for the first webinar “Who Are You? Why Are You Here?” look for workshop materials and connection information in your e-mailboxes on Tuesday. If you haven’t registered yet, how long are you going to postpone this important discovery? If you’ve read this far into this post, you are a Seeker. Time to start acting on it. Register here.

For newbies, remember: DQWorkshops are not seminars. They’re interactive. I’m there to help you find your own answers, not give you mine.

There are thought-provoking, but fun—here’s that word again—”exercises” and discussion. Initially, there will be no improvisational role playing in the front of the room, as we normally do, but I’ll eventually figure out how we can do it in this format. We always have so much fun with them.

Also, I intended for the first webinar to be a freebie while I navigate the technology for the first time. I understand that you’re being charge 1¢ at checkout. One thing I can guarantee, I’ll make it worth your investment.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the session! If you have any questions, you know where to find me. I’m always here for you.

Is Your Life Purpose-Driven or Purpose-Given?

I read an inspiring story in this Sunday’s Chicago Tribune about Derrius Quarles, a Chicago teen who leverages his inner power in an extraordinary way. Derrius’s father was murdered when he was four years old. His mother was addicted to drugs. He and his older brother were shuttled from one foster care home to another; eventually they were separated. By 17, Derrius was living alone, as an adult.

Under these circumstances, and without a nurturing family to encourage him to excel in school, you might guess that Derrius landed in the criminal justice system. He didn’t. Instead, he landed $1 million in college scholarship offers, some of which he is investing in a degree from prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta.
With so much scholarship money, Derrius will be able to fund his other dreams: a medical degree and a doctorate. After that, it’s back to Chicago, where he wants to start a tutoring program for low-income students. His aspirations for improving the lives of others reach from the grassroots to higher levels. He wants to help shape the city’s public health policy. Beyond that, he wants to become the U.S. surgeon general. Wow.

Where do those dreams and that drive come from? Derrius says that he is inspired by the song “Pure Imagination,” from the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Perhaps you remember the words: Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.

“It’s so powerful,” Derrius told a reporter. “It shows the power of imagination. If you imagine it, you can do it.”

While his own life has demonstrated that imagination is powerful, Derrius’s experience also has taught him that Life is not a lyric or a catchy motivational maxim. We really cannot do anything we imagine. Thank God for that! Can you envision how chaotic our lives would be, if we could?

Admittedly, I have been told that I’m being negative when I make such a declaration; I’m stealing people’s hope. Well arrest me. As far as the Loud Mouth is concerned, there’s nothing more negative or predatory than a thought or witticism that misleads and disappoints.

If we’re not willing to look at our own lives to determine if it’s true that we can have or do anything we imagine, let’s look at someone else’s: Derrius’s, for example. Derrius never imagined that his brother would leave him; but he did. On the other hand, Derrius did imagine that he would attend Harvard as an undergraduate; but he didn’t. If this was Derrius’s life, instead of his soul’s, if imagination makes it so, then he would have been interviewed in Cambridge rather than Atlanta. It obviously is not what the soul in the body of Derrius desired.

I can’t emphasize enough that your finite body–the space suit required for this atmosphere–is enabling your infinite soul to experience life on planet Earth. Without it, you could not be visible here. The body, the spacesuit, is not who you are, any more than a Halloween costume is who you are. When the body dies, you will not be dead, just as you will not die when you discard or recycle that costume.

Focusing all of our attention on the temporary physical stage and its props distracts us from fulfilling our purpose for being here. The ego wants to monopolize your attention, fulfill its purpose–not yours. And it works day and night to focus your attention exclusively on the physical realm.

As powerful as your imagination is, the engine is not the images, the visualizations or the beliefs–all of which emanate from your physical brain. Without exception, everyone has been in situations and met people that we never imagined.  Each of us has imagined outcomes that simply didn’t happened. ]

So is imagination the magic? No. Imagination opens us up to possibilities, not probabilities or definite outcomes. We frustrate ourselves—even make ourselves miserable—when we imagine that things will go a certain way (usually our way) and they don’t.

We can believe that there is a prayer, a saint, a secret or a set of formulas or principles that force God to manifest physical things according to our will. But if we’ve even casually paid attention to our track record, we’ve noticed that sometimes things go our way, sometimes not.

If an action or technique doesn’t yield the same results 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of the people, it means that we’re not dealing with a law or a truth principle; we’re playing with possibilities. Hooray for possibilities! Too often, we are in such a rush to envision a desired outcome–or “claim” that outcome–that we miss the beauty or the lesson that lives in that moment, and we miss the true value of that experience.

Can we give our lives purpose by using our imaginations to create specific outcomes–or did we already have a purpose when we arrived on the planet? Consider this:  A purpose-driven life isn’t one in which your brain decides your body’s reason for being on Earth, and then gets busy fulfilling that mission. It’s one in which you successfully discern your soul’s purpose, and align your physical thoughts and actions to fulfill that purpose. It’s a difference in perception that makes a big difference in your results.

Where do you start? You begin the process by asking questions and being open to receive your answers. Question one is obvious: “Why am I here now as (your body’s name)?” Next, “Is my current path leading to the fulfillment of my purpose for being here?”

You cannot discern your purpose by looking at or comparing your life circumstances with someone else’s. Perhaps they have a good job with lucrative pay, and you’ve been laid off. Was having a good job with lucrative pay the purpose for which you entered your body? What if fulfilling your purpose attracted more income than having a good job? What have you forfeited by failing to fulfill your purpose? These are the questions we fail to ask when we’re fixated on acquiring cash and other props on the Earth stage.

Once we understand that purpose is woven into every strand of the fabric of our lives, anger, frustration and victimization seem inappropriate responses when unpleasant and unexpected circumstances appear. If life worked the way some motivational maxims teach us, we’d never have unexpected circumstances; no one would ever be disappointed or even pleasantly surprised. We’d be following a script, in total control of our entire experience. How many people do you know who have done that?

Stuff happens, and it happens purposefully. Situations and people appear on your path to help you fulfill your purpose. No matter how bitter the experience, do yourself a favor and ask, “How does this serve me? What did these Golden Rule-averse individuals come to teach me? How will I grow through this encounter?”
Wait for the response. It will be worth it.

Our quest to learn our life’s purpose is fully supported by the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Whether we find our purpose depends upon our response to those circumstances.

Derrius Quarles powerfully demonstrated the value of adverse circumstances. He might not have been as compelled to serve others if he’d experienced a more comfortable childhood. We don’t know. What we do know is that, as a soul, he attracted a caring biology teacher onto his path who inspired him to pursue a career in medicine, and that he took an extremely challenging childhood and converted into a million dollar payday that will be priceless for others: The purpose for which he arrived.

What’s going on in your life that offers clues to your life’s purpose? What kind of opportunities and people are you attracting?

You can’t fulfill your purpose until you know what it is. If it’s not obvious, based on your experiences and encounters, just ask for it to be revealed. Say it out loud. Right now. And take the first step on your path to your amazingly purposeful life.