24-7 ClapboardThere’s no stopping it and no escaping it: As long as we’re on Planet Earth, there is going to be some drama. It is inherent to the experience here. It might even be why we’re here.

What if Earth’s drama is the reason that billions of souls are attracted to it?

What if we wanted to learn and grow through the endless drama here?

What if our spirits donned the heavy human body costumes that everyone is required to wear if they are to be visible here?

What if we challenged ourselves to accomplish the goal that so many other souls have not: navigate this alternate reality and not forget who we really are?

What if our journey here is part of a grand experiment to see what happens when we believe that we are disconnected from the Divine?

24/7 Drama Workshops explore our individual life experiences through a lens that brings everything into sharper focus. Some see them as opera glasses worn in the Balcony of Life, where we can detach from the character we’ve created on Earth’s stage and see what’s really going on behind the scenes. From that vantage point, not only are we able to put the drama in proper context, we move closer to discovering our authorship of those scenes —and what may have motivated us to write sometimes painful scripts.

The 24/7 Drama workshops are conducted live. Each one has a purpose and script as unique as those of souls who attend.

Through entertaining and thought-provoking role play, we learn to answer the question that creates an evolutionary shift in our consciousness:

Why did I, as Soul, create this? How does it serve me?


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