In 1623, playwright William Shakespeare published As You Like It, which features the famous monologue that begins “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women, merely players.” In the spirit of those words, veteran TV journalist Patricia Arnold wrote EARTH Is the MOTHER of All Drama Queens. This memoir revealed how she learned to look behind the scenes of what appeared to be reality to see what was really going on—and what caused it.

Upon the urging of friends on both sides of the world’s stage, who felt that the lessons in the book should be shared far and wide, Pat launched Drama Queen Workshops. That was back in 2005.

Learn to be a spiritual sleuth

DQWorkshops are designed to take the woo-woo out of spirituality and some of the mystery out of all the drama in our individual lives. In a safe space, outside of the glare of the footlights, we learn how to unmask our own dramas and understand their real value in our discovery of Self.

The workshops have been conducted in various cities, and have attracted Seekers of all ages—teens through seniors—in groups of varying sizes. The largest has been a group of 100 men and women.

The workshops are designed to make the search for Self both fun and thought-provoking. Acting out scenarios through improvisational skits, individuals get a deeper understanding and have an opportunity to embrace a more powerful and loving vision of Life, ourselves and whatever we call God.

In Drama Queen Workshops, we like to ask, “What if…?”

Those two magical little words possess the power to fling open doors to phenomenal possibilities: new inventions, cures, solutions and insights. They give us the courage to snatch the boxes off our heads so that we can bask in the light and see things we never knew existed, and never thought possible.

Are you a Seeker of Truth?

The interactive DQWorkshops are designed exclusively for Seekers—souls who want to be free to form their own beliefs, instead of blindly accepting others’. Seekers want to intelligently ask questions. They want know themselves as bodies and spiritual beings; they want to understand why certain things happen to them and others.

Seekers want better explanations for their life conditions. They don’t accept claims that the Divine unfairly holds them accountable for the mistake of individuals who had a lower intellectual capacity than the cavemen who succeeded them. For Seekers, it doesn’t make sense that the Divine created as naturally sinful, that they must battle against this natural proclivity all their lives—or else the Divine will endlessly torture them.

If there’s a more logical answer or a missing puzzle piece, Seekers want to find it. If there’s a Life script, they want to read it. If their Life has a grander purpose, they want to know it.

What could make an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God jealous?

In DQWorkshops, we believe that the Divine is not threatened by humans’ search for knowledge. After all, the Divine is omniscient; we aren’t. We also trust that the Divine would not hide important truths from us. Through this reverence for God, Truth and the intelligence God gave us, we are comfortable asking:

What if our existence here isn’t random or merely biological?
What if we scripted our life experiences before arriving here?
What if we are here for a purpose—but leave without knowing it?
What if our purpose was in plain sight, but we were too afraid to look?
Did George Burns play God or did God play George Burns?

Pat asks a workshop group, “Did George Burns play the role of God or did God play the role of George Burns?”

The goal of DQWorkshops is not to supply the answers to your deepest questions. It is to reconnect the mortal, physical “You” with the immortal, divine “You,” so that you can access your own answers from your Higher Self—and enhance the possibility of actually fulfilling your purpose for being on this planet right now.

Have fun while evolving beyond life’s fear-based dramas. To book a workshop, simply contact us.

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