hands in shape of heartWe weren’t intended to live in a vacuum; we must interact with other people. We even fall in love with, give birth to or have close family and friendship ties with a few of them. It’s in these special relationships that we count on a lot of drama.

What if everything that happens here serves a purpose? In the case of relationships, what if we call other souls into our lives to help us learn more about ourselves than we could not learn by ourselves?

The Relationship Drama Workshops look at these interactions from the Balcony of Life, where we can see why we called our significant others onto our path, why the relationship works so well–or not, and the growth opportunities tucked inside.

Through improvisational and sometimes hilarious role play, we how we, as souls, intended to grow through a particular relationship—and whether we rose to the occasion or refused to. If you want to understand your relationships better, get in here!

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